~Jody Perry
I was onboard for a trip where we ran from Merak in West Java to Padang in West Sumatra.
En route we explored and surfed the Sunda Straits area and Panaiton (we even scored waves at One Palm), followed by a further exploratory run up the Southern Sumatra Coast to Bengkulu, before heading off to finish our surfing at the Mentawais.All in all a great trip, lots of exploration and checked many new areas. We had a bunch of exceptional waves – lots of clean and classy, fun, 4-6′, and some bigger days around 8′. Alberts constant forecasts and monitoring of the Indian Ocean weather and swell patterns helped out immensely. With a lot of ground to cover, lots of nooks and cranny’s to explore, and constantly varying the wind and swell conditions it would have been easy to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but we basically had it down perfect.The trip ran fine and the boat ran fine, with no problems whatsoever. The crew was onto it, and the food was nice. Transfers and transportation and ground staffing and all other ‘behind the scenes’ networking to pull it all together were spot on. Sherlie was great in Padang,andRaynul is a very good captain. All went without a hitch…


Jody Perry


~Olivier Peyre
I was on a trip on Quest one in November last year. Even if it was almost the off season for the Mentawais thanks to the Captain and the crew we found many good waves to catch. I never before surfed Macaronis with only one of my friends! WOW!We agreed to spend a few days of our time during our Trip to allow Quest 1 to do some Aid-work in the Mentawais. Rip Curl provided some funds and Quest 1 management organized to buy aid and needed supplies for the tsunami victims from 25th October 2011 in the southern Mentawais. Quest 1 coordinate and delivered the good to Sikakap where it was handed over to the officials and NGOs. That was a good experience for me, to see how the surf industry and surf charter companies support the areas where they operate.
Once again I had a wonderful trip on Quest 1. The food of Justin was great, the crew is very competent and also a very high-class service was provided. Good surf, no crowds, I catch some big fish.All in all a Perfect Trip!


~Neil Ridgway

I had a fantastic trip around Lombok on Quest 1. We scored great surf in a short amount of time. Out of Bali and back in a week meant I was surf stoked and home before anyone even missed me. A really good short trip solution. The fish were great, the waves nice and clean and the beers cold. I was super relaxed the whole time but still had all the usual boat trip excitement you live for every day…”Thanks, Quest 1

Neil Ridgway

~Jonah Mechanic

I want to thank everyone for taking such good care of us with our trip on the Quest 1. It is an amazing boat and very lucky to have such a good crew on board. Everyone there was very helpful and Justin went above and beyond to make sure that we always had what we needed and were well taken care of. He does a really good job and a fantastic addition to the boat (plus he is an outstanding chef, which never hurts).All of us had a really fun trip and I can’t thank you guys, crew and everyone involved enough for the hospitality…

Thanks again,