Welcome on board

Welcome on board

PT Neptune is an Indonesian company based in Bali which organizes “surf trip adventures” in Indonesian waters. Our Company is Indonesian, French and Australian owned and under western management. Our head office is located in Bali.Neptune Adventures

Currently, we offer luxury surf trips with our Boat MV Quest 1 all around Indonesia. MV Quest 1 (ex Indies Trader 2) is a 21 meter long and 5.4 meters wide and has a draft of 2 meters. Our boat has four comfortable, air-conditioned twin cabins for total 8 guests. With up to a 14-day charter, trips generally depart from the city of Padang-West Sumatra.


MV Quest 1 organizes pick up and drop off from your hotel or airport in Padang in comfortable mini buses, full air-conditioned to the location of our charter boat. Transfer in other locations can be arranged if necessary. Surfboard and luggage transport will be arranged.

Surfing run down, decisions & daily routine

Depending on the guest preferences and surf level, Captain Raynal with consultation from Quest 1 onboard manager Andre Sickinger, will find the best possible spot for you to surf good and uncrowded waves. Of course, we cannot influence the nature of the ocean, so if the swell conditions, wind, and weather are not perfect, please understand the crew are highly experienced and will surely offer you the best advice for working with the conditions. We assure you we will do the best to make your trip on Quest 1 the ultimate surf experience.

On Quest 1, you will receive a daily swell and wind forecast from the wheelhouse internet downloads. Based on this information and depending on swell, wind and weather, Captain Raynal and Andre will decide the route of the boat under consideration and safety of the passengers, crew, and boat. Andre will give advice to the captain with the input of the guests to match their preference and to make sure to find the best possible conditions for surfing. Swell reports, tide times and other daily information will be announced and updated by Andre on the information table in the galley.

Normally, after or even before breakfast the first surf is on. Depending on the location, the crew will take you by tin boat to the surf (line up). On signal or timing, the tin boat picks up the surfer and bring them back on board. Depending on wave and weather conditions, you will most likely experience two or three surf sessions per day. If you do not get enough we are happy to drop you again! Usually, lunch will be served after the mid-day session and dinner after sunset session. In between surfing and eating you can relax, watch a movie, play games, catch up on sleep or eat more food!
In the evening we mostly hang out inside or outside areas of the boat, have a few drinks, play poker, or relax and prepare for the next day.

Should you experience a day of poor quality surf conditions, prompt accurate decisions will be made to search for a new location. Additional activities such as fishing, snorkeling, spear fishing, exploration of nearby islands and villages are refreshing experiences, and the use of our SUP’s or Jet Ski is available.

Accommodation, Food & beverageWith a total of four comfortable cabins, each cabin offering two bunk beds. MV Quest 1 holds a total of eight guests on board. Each guest will be offered the opportunity to arrange who is sharing cabins with whom.

Should there be more than eight guests on your charter, our crew will create comfortable adjustments in the living room area of MV Quest 1. A total of two sofa/beds is available in the living room.

Daily Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks, as well as all beverages (Fresh Drinking Water, Tea, Organic Espresso Coffee, Soft Drinks and Beer), are included in your charter.

Should you have serious dietry requirements, please advise Andre as he will do his very best to work with you throughout your charter.

Depending on availability, MV Quest 1 can offer a selection of imported wines, though as an additional cost. Please enquire with Andre about availability and pricing.