Maccas Trip in a nutshell


We headed straight to Maccas and arrived there on the morning of the 9th. We were unexpectedly greeted with a strong pushing swell. It was 4-6 feet with power. There were a few other boats in the area. However, the crowd was no problem as the level of surfing on the other boats was fairly low. The guys spent the whole day surfing and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Day 2 was very similar with a smaller swell. As for day 3, we spent the day at Roxy’s by ourselves.

We then headed south to chase the arriving swell. There were 4 boats in the area. The crowd was polite and respectful. We surfed solid 6-8 feet Lighthouse.

We then spent the next few days surfing the various waves in the area with minimal crowds. The guys spent the majority of their nights enjoying some Bintang and playing some poker. Agus lost every night.

Till now we were unlucky. We didn’t manage to fish anything. Apparently, the moon was the problem for fishing these days.

We then motored north to the Thunders area. With a small swell, this was one of the only options. There were other boats there on the first day. But the crowd was fine though as there was a kind of rotation system going on. We spent 2 ½ days there. The surf was fun!

Finally, we caught something. One giant trevally which was turned into fish tacos.

Afterwards, we went further north to the Lances area. It was crowded so we moved on to Scarecrows. Our last two days were spent here. Surf was really fun. 4-5 feet long lefthander. We also caught a small dogtooth tuna. It was served as sashimi.

We did have a lot of fun and the guests were a pleasure to have.

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