Telos trip

The trip started with a small swell at first. The forecasted then had a big swell predicted which was to last through to the end of the trip.

Our first few days were spent in the PLAYGROUNDS area. Where we were lucky to score some very uncrowded Bankvaults and Nipussi. We even managed to score some solo sessions.

Then we drove through the night to the TELOS area.

We had 2 fun days of surf to ourselves at Monkey/Beachbreak. Good conditions and fun waves. Everyone was happy. And anticipating this upcoming swell!

When the swell arrived we scored good waves at Bombers- 4-6 feet, a little inconsistent. And some super good monkeys and skate parks 4-6 feet with no one out!

Then we went north to the Rangas/Telo lodge area. There was a lot of weather in the islands now. We did surf 4 feet telo lodge by ourselves and I feel we were very lucky considering the conditions. The swell report seemed to be a little off.

Then we moved back to the Monkey area and were surfing consistent 4 feet waves to ourselves. With a dying swell the waves gradually got smaller to the end of the trip.

Overall we scored waves throughout the trip with no or little crowds.

The guys were a pleasure to have on the boat. Polite and respectful and generally just up for a good time.

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